We Help Entrepreneurs Create, Preserve, and Realize Value in Their Businesses


Our strategic advisory services help you CREATE VALUE in your business.



Our turnaround management services help you PRESERVE VALUE in your business.



Our organizational transition services help you REALIZE VALUE in your business.


We’d be humbled to have the chance to tell you more about our proactive approach to:

Exit Planning • Business Valuation • Growth Strategies • Business Brokerage

We’ve helped hundreds of clients create, preserve and realize value in their businesses. Here’s what they say about working with us:

I was impressed with Ben’s focus on business value, and his understanding of how businesses create it, leverage and capture it. Ben’s a natural trusted advisor that gives it to you straight and is always searching for ways to turn 1 + 1 into 4, and finding win-win scenarios for his clients.
Tim Butler Managing Director, Private Equity Group
Ben was referred to me by a trusted advisor who had worked with him in the past concerning buying a company. Ben is great to deal with, he took time to explain the buy/sell process and answer questions. He is easy going, friendly and knowledgeable. He is very good at what he does.
Jerry B. Financial Buyer
Ben was quite helpful in providing related information, recommendations, and suggestions. His follow up, attention to detail, and good personal skills were greatly appreciated. Given the chance, I would gladly work with Ben again.
Ben F Owner, Manufacturing Business
Thank you Ben for your exceptional job. You were a professional throughout the process & I would recommend you to any business owner seeking to buy, sell, fund or partner with you in growing their success.
Paul S. Seller, E-commerce Company
Ben is excellent at executing on a very tactical level and is extremely capable of see the business world operates from a high level as well.
Joshua G. Principal, Private Equity Group
Ben is a great guy that exhibits trust and friendliness. He is extremely knowledgeable concerning technology. Our conversations have educated and assisted me on company direction. It is my pleasure knowing this guy. Ben has added value into my personal and professional life.
John Isaac CEO, Multimedia Company
Leslie did a fantastic job representing us in the sale of our bar. It took 6 months, and it was a very detailed process, but she was always there to help guide the transaction. We were able to pay off our debts and walk away at closing with checks. Now, I’m back doing what I love!
Seller Restaurant
Leslie and Kim were able to sell our business in just under 3 months. I couldn’t be happier to be retired, and the new business owner hired all of our employees, kept the culture the same, and was a great fit. Plus, he’s never missed a payment. I would recommend Leslie to anyone.
Seller Ski Rental Shop


  • It’s all about value. We help you create more value in your business, protect and preserve it through good times and bad, and reap the rewards of all that hard work when it’s time to move on to your next adventure.
  • This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve seen it all. We’ve answered every objection, dealt with every type of buyer and seller, and structured every kind of deal.
  • You get access to a huge network. Our team spends huge amounts of time networking with business owners, entrepreneurs, industry experts and investors so we can pro-actively and efficiently match sellers with buyers.
  • We’re not your typical business brokers. You get access to our team of experts with backgrounds in marketing, finance, corporate law, accounting, and corporate development.