We invented the Business Value Hacking System

After helping hundreds of clients create valuable and sellable companies, we learned about the critical components of small businesses that make the difference between a successful exit and a boarded up “former business.”

What is Business Value Hacking?

Business Value Hacking is a process designed to identify the most effective, efficient ways to add value to a business.  Using our proprietary system, we can help guide business owners to a successful exit (whether the exit happens in a few months or several years).

The key elements of our Business Value Hacking System

 4 Value Beacons

  • Monetary Value: What the business is worth to someone else in dollars and cents.
  • Mission Value: How important the business is to the world.
  • Legacy Value: How does the business leave a lasting impression of the founder.
  • Longevity Value: How the business can sustain beyond the initial owner(s).

7 Measuring Sticks of Value Building

  • Brand
  • Team
  • Technology
  • Product/Service
  • Customers
  • Finances
  • Systems

3 Trails of the Journey

  • Building Value: Creating a sustainable business that can run without you
    • Choosing your best path and the right tools for your growth journey requires an expert planner, outfitter and partner to ensure your trip is safe, efficient and profitable. We prepare and guide you to growth and success.
  • Protecting Value: Fix Problems when you need to recover from unexpected change
    • Bad things happen to good businesses and people. It’s critical to be prepared, have a backup plan, and effectively manage any crisis that comes along. Anticipating and planning for threats can be the difference between surviving or perishing.
  • Realizing Value: Exiting the business on your own terms & timeline
    • You’ve worked hard and now it’s time to sell or transfer ownership of your business. We ensure maximum value for you, a smooth transition for new owners, and continued success for the organization.